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Welcome to GSGNOLA 2024!

We're excited to have you visit our Boostaro booth. Get ready to embark on an amazing AI journey. Explore our resources, connect with experts, and dive into the world of AI with our courses and events.

Visit our website to learn more about Boostaro:
Buy Tickets to the World's First Premier
AI Agile Summit Virtual: June 26th 2024
Our Opensource AI Agile Community Meetup
Courses coming up from Boostaro:

Special Offer use PROMO code GSGNOLA for 15% off!

Have more questions on AI & Agile implementation, or general inquiry?
Connect with us on Linkedin. 
Seema Sreenivas
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AI Agile Guy - Snehal Talati
CTO/CAIO - Boostaro
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